Residence Visa

· Skilled Migrant Category
· Residence from Work | Long Term Skill Shortage List | Talent (Accredited Employer)
· Partner of New Zealand resident/citizen
· Child Dependants
· Sibling/Adult child
· Parent of NZ citizen or resident
· Removal of Section 49 Condition
· Victim of Domestic Violence
· Talent (Arts, Culture and Sports)
· Refugee Family Support
· Pacific Access Category/Samoan Quota Scheme Appeal
· Immigration and Protection Tribunal

Work Visa

· Essential Skills Work Visa
· Silver Fern Job Search
· Post-Study Work Visa (Graduate Job Search)
· Religious Worker (Minister/missionary/pastor)
· Partner of a long term worker
· Partner of NZAID student
· Partner of a student
· Partner of NZ citizen or resident
· Reconsideration
· Section 61 Request
· Transitional Recognised Seasonal
· Work to Residence
· Working Holiday
· Specific Purpose or Event
· Horticulture and Viticulture Seasonal

Visitor’s Visa

· Business Purpose
· Child of NZ citizen or resident
· Dependants of a Long Term Worker – SMC
· Dependants of Long Term Business
· Dependants of Long Term Worker/Student
· For cultural marriage
· General Visitor’s Visa
· Guardian of 17 years or under
· Partner of NZ citizen or resident
· Adopted Child
· Section 61 Request

Student Visa

· Dependants of a Worker – SMC
· Dependants of a Long Term Worker
· Dependants of Long Term Business
· Section 61 Request


· Investor
· Investor Plus
· Entrepreneur
· Entrepreneur Plus
· Employess of Relocating Business

Temporary Retirement


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